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by Matt Walsh

This week I’ve received many emails echoing the sentiments expressed by my friend Lana:

Dear Matt,

I’ve seen you write a few times this week that “Democrats can’t be Christian” or some such nonsense. I’ve come to expect horrible things from you but these kinds of statements are despicable even by your standards. You should be ashamed. I know very many Christians are ashamed of you. Guess what, Mr. Walsh? I’m doing the impossible! I am a devout Christian AND a loyal Democrat. I go to church AND I vote for the D on the ticket. I believe in the Bible AND in the principles of the Democratic Party. See it is possible! And come November I will be proudly voting for Hillary Clinton BECAUSE I’m a Christian. So now hopefully you can stop spreading lies. Thanks. – Lana

Hi Lana,

Please don’t misunderstand me. A Christian can certainly be a Democrat, just like a Christian can be a Buddhist, or a Christian can be a Scientologist, or a Christian can worship a goat or a join a suicide cult. Christians can do anything and believe anything while still retaining the title of Christian — that is, so long as we define “Christian” as “Someone who says they are one.” It’s no surprise that Democrats would define the term in such a way, seeing as how these days they even define “man” and “woman” that way. In the liberal world, in order to be something all one must do is declare that they are that thing. This is a view shared by my 3-year-old and by Michael Scott from “The Office,” who famously declared bankruptcy by standing outside and shouting, “I declare bankruptcy!”

I’m of the opinion, however, that being a man involves more than merely saying you’re a man, and being a Christian involves more than simply saying you’re a Christian. So what else does it entail? A Christian, by definition, believes that Christ is the Son of God; that He was sent to Earth to suffer and die for our sins, opening up the gates of Heaven for all who follow Him (John 3:16). If we accept and believe this great Truth, we are Christian. And we remain Christian even if we stumble, sin, and fall short of perfection, as I have done and continue to do more often than I care to admit.

When I say that Democrats can’t be Christian, then, I’m not saying that you’re all a bunch of filthy sinners and those of us outside the party — Republicans, Libertarians, and so forth – are perfect angels. That’s not the point. I’m saying that being a “loyal Democrat,” as you describe yourself, requires that you fundamentally reject the authority of Christ. Not in the sense of sinning and falling short, but in the sense of actually disbelieving and condemning some of His most important teachings and some of the most essential lessons of Scripture.

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