The hour is upon us as we await the first poll closings on the eastern seaboard. Poll numbers are record breaking. Shattering even expectations of the 2016 presidential election. Critical battleground States like Florida, Arizona, and Tennessee are all showing early polling numbers of double and even triple midterm voting in the 2014 election cycle. Every news station has some sort of election special with their top tier talent focusing on the battlegrounds and the key issues affecting voters as they enter and exit the polls. President Trump even attributed a sentiment for these midterms as being “the hottest thing.”

How the midterms turnout no one will know until late tonight and even early tomorrow, but key issues like the economy, the immigration, healthcare, and president himself are fueling one of the most vicious battle-at-the-polls in modern history. Most pollsters are showing a lead for Democrats in both houses but some are taking heed to the mistakes of 2016 and stand with the chance of the White House party holding the majority. Brand new Gallup polling favors Republicans keeping the house bolstered by “Kavanaugh and Caravan” as the driving forces behind public sentiment of a seemingly lackluster referendum” that is expected against the White House.

The Deadline: Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

There’s still time to vote. To find your polling location click here.