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Labor: A Blessing and a Curse

By: Roger Patterson When you think about the world that existed before sin brought the corruption that we experience today, you probably envision Adam and Eve strolling along the pleasant river of Eden, looking out over a view of a beautiful meadow, or enjoying the company of a curious little monkey as they share a cluster of fruit with it. But do you ever think of all of the work that Adam and Eve engaged in? Probably not. That is likely because when we think about work we think of the difficulty and struggle we endure to provide food...

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The Venom of Sin

By: Calvinist Vader What is sin? It’s hard, if not impossible, to nail down a definition that satisfies the logic and reasoning of men. Over the years I’ve heard many attempts to give an exhaustive definition to sin. Many of these analogies cross the median line, most of the time subtly, and make God to be the author of sin or make sin equal with God. For example, I’ve heard sin described as the absence of God. The analogy goes like this. Since there is no such thing as “darkness” because darkness is simply the absence of light, sin is therefore simply the...

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