TAMPA – Yesterday I released a piece recapping the President’s press conference. It was fiery to say the least but one moment stood out. I will not use the man’s name out of respect for the White House and for the very professional staffer he accosted but watch the interaction for yourself. ‘He Who Musn’t Be Named’ showcased a visceral level of classlessness that cannot and should not be excused by his employer, his colleagues, the staffers, word leaders, and most importantly the journalistic zeitgeist that has had war waged against it by TV talking heads passing their words and attitudes as journalism.

The following instances are a small sampling of a destructive pattern of childish and disrespectful behavior from this talking-head that is either the most unconscionable ruse ever devised by a human being or, more likely, sheds light on an woefully uninformed, unapologetically “cosmopolitan”, and lexically rude person. Or as the President himself said, a “terrible person.”

1) Talking-Head Talking Out Of Turn #1:

2) Talking-Head Is Uneducated and Inarticulate

3) Talking-Head Defies Press Corp Orders The 1st Time

4) Talking-Head Can’t Listen To Direction

5) Talking-Head Talking Out of Turn #2

6) Talking-Head Talking Out of Turn #3

7) Talking-Head Denies What Is On Tape by At Least 3 Networks

But I do have a favorite: 8) Talking-Head Risks National Security

The “journalist” interrupted one of the most sensitive and likely historic moments of the current administration’s agenda. It would not have surprised me if Chariman Kim got up and left, tearing the summit agreement up on his way out. This talking-head’s attitude, the level of disrespect, and his video evidence of forcing a White House staff member’s hand off of White House property after the President of The United States asked him to sit down is exactly the reason the White House revokes his “hard-pass” access. W.H. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders announced his revocation on Twitter.

Aside from the physical altercation he had with the staffer, which is absolutely grounds from barment from hard-pass credential, this continued pattern of egotistical showboating is exactly why the President calls the fake news media the enemy of the people. Anyone with an objective eye will watch his interactions and know in their gut that he has stepped over several lines several times in order to make his career something. Special? Maybe. Studied as when journalism goes wrong? Hopefully.

Ratings From Election Night:TV Ratings Election Night

I am not a journalist. I am not a reporter. At least not yet, and I don’t want to act like I understand the pressures and goals set for W.H. Press Corp personnel. But it is a fact, not an opinion, that the actions of this “reporter” yesterday were akin to desecration of the craft of journalism. The question is will this time out for the childish talking-head not only be enough to quell his ego, but set a standard for other ratings-oriented “journalists” that behavior like that will never be tolerated? I think so. And the rest of the networks would be wise to take note.

***UPDATE*** 07:22 EST

Talking-Head Doubles Down on Ego The Morning of Shooting that Kills 12 in California