If you weren’t aware, Christmas falls on Sunday this season- and many churches seem to be closing their doors on one of the most visited holidays of the year.

But Kevin DeYoung, pastor of University Reformed Church, is making a desperate plea for churches to remain open and functioning on this December 25th.

“Don’t cancel all your services on Christmas,” DeYoung implores on his blog.  “Scale back on the nursery perhaps. Take the week off from Sunday school. Make things closer to an hour than to an hour and a half. Skip the life groups or even the second service for a day. But don’t close the church up on Christmas.”

Many churches have decided to up the amount of Christmas Eve services in lieu of being there on the New Testament Sabbath.  DeYoung has a different take on this stance stating:

I don’t have a problem with Advent and Christmas. In fact, I love this time of year. I’m not a huge church calendar guy, but I’m not bothered by focusing on the incarnation once every twelve months, especially when the world around us may, by God’s kindness, be tuned in to some of the same spiritual realities at the same time. But I’m enough of a Puritan to think that December 25 is Sunday before it’s Christmas. It’s the Lord’s Day. It’s a resurrection morning. It’s the day on which Christians have gathered for 2,000 years to sing the Bible, preach the Bible, pray the Bible, and see the Bible in the sacraments. It’s the day of the week given for rest and worship. Why would we cancel church on Sunday just because that Sunday is extra-special?

DeYoung gives five good reasons for pastor’s to lead the charge and push forward with services celebrating the incarnation of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

You can read the full blog at The Gospel Coalition’s site.

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