Union, KY – Kentucky Republicans maintained a hold on the statehouse Tuesday night fending off a Democrat attack to regain control of Congress in one of many contentious nationwide state races.

Republicans had a 62-37 lead with one House vacancy heading into Election Day after gaining 17 seats in the House two years ago where a historic win brought control of the chamber for the first time since 1921.  After Tuesday’s dust settled the Republicans held a 61-39 count maintaining their Super-Majority yielding a net gain of 2 for the Dems.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Democrats had some victories:

In unofficial results Tuesday night, Democrats flipped eight House seats and Republicans flipped six, giving Democrats a net gain of two. That makes the unofficial count in the House 61 Republicans and 39 Democrats, but four of those races were decided by fewer than 10 votes.

If that count stands, Republicans keep their super majority. A super majority in the House occurs when a party has at least 60 of the chamber’s 100 members. A super majority is needed to pass tax issues in odd-numbered legislative sessions and constitutional amendments.

With Tuesday’s elections, the Republicans remained in firm control of both the House and Senate, and the governorship with Matt Bevin.

Many feared the recent passage of Senate Bill 151, signed by Governor Matt Bevin which revamped the pensions for public school teachers and state retirees, would upset the Republican control in Frankfort but the results prove that the teacher protests did not pack the punch desired by state Democrats.

Teachers across the Commonwealth descended upon the state capital attempting to sway the proposed changes in pensions and seeking to restore increases in education spending.

Although Senate Bill 151 is still in the Supreme Court, many question whether the teacher’s protests impacted Tuesday’s results in Kentucky and nationwide.


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