Our Approach

The Daily Barker is a publication designed to provide the latest news and information to our subscribers while adhereing to morality, journalistic integrity, and truth-seeking. We celebrate difference of opinion in open & respectful forums that engage our readers and the community in throughtful discussion.

Our Story

Editor-In-Cheif and owner of The Daily Barker, Aaron Barker, is a Kentucky-born husband and father… The Daily Barker was first formed over two years ago and has set forth on its mission to bring thought, respect, and substance to our modern conversation, debate, and written works.

Meet the Team

We want you to know who you’re reading. It’s a human thing.

Aaron Barker

Editor-In-Chief & Founder


Ian M. Callander

Ian Callander

Associate Editor & Contributor

Ian studied business at the University of South Florida and FGCU before starting IMC Branding Co, a management consulting firm designed for and focused on helping small businesses navagate and maintain success. Ian regularly contributes to business & economics, politics & governement, and the arts.

Mitchell L. Smith, Jr.

Mitchell L. Smith, Jr.

Health & Wellness Contributor

Mitch is a fitness model, decorated natural men’s physique competitor, and nutrition coach working in Tampa, Florida. He serves in the Tampa Fire Department and has developed health and wellness techniques using his cumulative experience working with globally-demanded trainers, fitness experts, therapists and nutrition studies. Mitch regularly contributed to health, nutrition, science, and fitness.