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The Midterms Have Reshaped The 2020 Outlook

TAMPA – The seasonal morning chill has settled in for most of Tampa Bay, Florida. As many are pulling out ice scrapers and lighting up defrosters for their morning commute Floridians grab a Squeegee™ and towel down their windshields and mirrors. 50°F is nothing to complain about but with a dew point near 60°F the dew weighs like a cold, wet blanket and one could catch a chill with ease. As this holiday mood sets in and the quasi white-christmas is condensing on the St. Augustine grass that covers much of Florida (though I’d call it crabgrass) we, as...

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Florida Is A Mess, Recount Deadline Unclear Amid Court Battles

TAMPA – Americans went to work on November 7th and many were relieved to have the 2018 midterm elections behind them — entering into the eye of the storm of the divisive political environment surrounding the midterm elections. Yet nine days after the polls closed on November 6th Florida is yet again stealing the spotlight and reigniting the divide as near historic recount drama is unfolding by the hour. Broward County Perhaps the most famous county in the union for ballot counting problems, Broward and specifically her Supervisor of Elections Professor Brenda Snipes are being accused of not following...

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Brexit: The Hard and Soft of It

LONDON – You may have caught the news today about a Brexit deal occurring between the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland) and the European Union. As reported by the BBC at 17:00 GMT the UK and the EU have agreed to the “draft text” on a Brexit agreement sending the draft to cabinet. Prime Minister Theresa May has set for 14:00 local on Wednesday seeking backing from her ministers. This marks the significant momentum of the referendum process sought but the British people when they voted in 2016 whereby a margin of 3.78% voted in favor...

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Broward County Spurring Recounts in Three Florida Races

TAMPA – As the vote comes to a close Sunday, November 11th, about 12,000 UPS drivers were notified that they would still be going to work for the freight giant on Monday after a labor contract vote was called in favor to avoid a strike and maybe saving Christmas. 77% of workers voted to approve the 5-year contract concerning issues like adjusting the subcontracting allotment, wage & benefit demands of the Teamsters union. At the same time in Florida just about 12,000 votes is making the difference between Senate candidate and incumbent Bill Nelson (D) and current Governor of...

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The Morning After: Wins and Losses

TAMPA – It was a long night for politicos everywhere as the 2018 midterm election voting was counted, announced, and the winners called. It was a night of surprises and firsts for candidates individually and specific groupings like women, citizens of color, and veterans who were elected in record numbers. As of the time of this posting 4 Senate seats and 23 House Congressional seats remain. The GOP is expected to maintain its majority in the Senate as key states like Florida, Texas and Indiana rounded up the red vote with talks of “Caravan & Kavanaugh.” The House is...

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