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Made to Adapt: Humans Were Created to Use Food Efficiently

“Eat less, exercise more” Most of us have heard it and tried it, but most have failed. We try to eat less and go for a run in the morning, but all that happens is we feel exhausted and lethargic all the time until we quit. A few people are on the other end, deciding to gain weight they eat and eat and eat but get nowhere. There is a good reason for this seemingly strange phenomenon. We can have difficulty changing our weight because the human body was brilliantly created to be efficient. We often think of our...

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What is a Kilocalorie (kcal)

Have you seen the terms Cal, calorie, Calorie, kcal, cal, or kilocalorie? If so, You may have wondered what they mean and how they relate to each other. To get there, let’s take a brief excursion into science history. Measuring Energy In the 19th century scientists in a variety of fields to measure energy and heat. They learned among other things, that heat is a form of energy, but not before units for each were defined. Some of the more recognizable units that they created in that timeframe are the calorie (cal), the Brittish thermal unit (BTU), and the joule...

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‘Tis The Season

“‘Tis the Season”   With Halloween officially over it is time to kick off the holiday season. It’s that time of year again when you walk into any Walmart on November 1st and it looks like the north pole. I even saw The Grinch themed green pancakes at IHOP the other day. Yep, ‘tis the season once again.   As a coach and nutrition lover I find that this time of year, hands down, to be the most challenging time for my clients to navigate. Even I am tempted by the delicious and frequent food events. Everywhere you look...

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What Is ‘Good’ Nutrition?

As a natural men’s physique competitor and nutrition coach it goes without saying that I am very passionate about nutrition. More importantly I’m passionate about ‘good’ nutrition. Over the years as my health and knowledge of food has improved I am constantly asked, “what is the best diet?” Maybe you have wondered this yourself about keto, low-fat, carb cycling, count macros, or even paleo. It can be extremely overwhelming so how do you know which one to do? The best way to answer this famous question is to look at what all of these diet strategies have in common,...

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How Much Do Any of Us Really Know About What We’re Putting in Our Bodies?

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